5 iOS 11 Hacks You Must Know

iOS 11 Hacks

As you know the iOS 11 beta version 3 is out now and any iOS user with developer account can test it. With the new iOS 11 come brand new features exclusive to iOS 11 only. iOS 11 also has some of the best hacks in any iOS version that you can take advantage of, check out the list of top 5 iOS 11 Hacks You Must Know.

Drag Multiple Apps

Finally the new iOS version comes with the feature that lets you move the app icons from one place to another on your home screen. You have to tap and hold on the app icon till they start to giggle and then drag the apps to any location or next page if you want to. You can now drag multiple apps at once as well.

Type to Siri

Don’t you hate it when you are in a crowded area and Siri cannot recognize your voice or you are in a quiet place and cannot speak loudly, Siri becomes almost useless in these scenarios but now all that will change because you have the option to type your command to Siri.

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What Makes Appvn The Best App Store?

Appvn is a third party app store where you can get all sorts of apps, games, music etc for your devices. Appvn is one of the most popular third party app stores right now thanks to its long list of great features which make the app store super easy and fun to use.

Appvn Features

Let’s see the entire list feature that make the Appvn app store popular the reason behind the growing popularity of the app. The list of all the features of the Appvn app store is given below.

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