Appvn v8.1.1

AppvnAppvn v8.1.1 is a app market which provides all the same apps and games there are on the Android Play Store. This is one of the best app markets in the market because as Play Store started charging money to download the top rated and premium apps for the user. Since then the Android users have been looking for an alternative that they can go to. This is one of the best alternative as the Appvn v8.1.1 app market provides all the apps and games for free and with no additional cost or in-app purchases, this app market has apps which are not even provided by the official Play Store. Appvn v8.1.1 gives the user the freedom to download all kinds of modded versions of the original apps such as Whatsapp++, Instagram++, Tinder++, Snapchat++ which have much more features when compared to the basic version of the app.

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Appvn v8.1.0

AppvnAppvn is one of the most popular third party app store for Android. We all know how costly all the apps and games are getting these days on the Play Store which comes in-built for the Android device. It is scanty to find apps and games which are free. This is when you need to download Appvn v8.1.0 app market which provides you with all the best apps and the most addictive games. Appvn v8.1.0 gives the user the freedom to download everything it has to offer for free. Appvn v8.1.0 has all kinds of tweaked and modded apps such as Whatsapp++, Spotify++, Instagram++, Tinder++, and many more which are not available on the Play Store. You need to have an Android version of 4.3.0+ Ice Cream Sandwich. Appvn v8.1.0 is dead simple to install on your device.

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Appvn v8.0.9

AppvnAppvn v8.0.9 is one of the most trending app markets out there for all the Android users to reap its benefits. The best apps and games which are available on the Play Store usually have a price for the user to bear.

So Appvn v8.0.9 allows the users to download all the best games and get all kinds of premium apps for free such as GTA : SanAndreas, GTA : Vice City, Hitman Sniper, Assassins Creed, Call of Duty: Black Ops, The Amazing Spider Man and many more like them. Appvn v8.0.9 provides you all these games and apps for free. It is one of the best third party app stores.

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Appvn v8.0.8

AppvnAppvn v8.0.8 is a third party application. It is an app market which allows the user to download all the applications, games, etc for free. This application is available for all the iOS, Android and Windows users to have the freedom to download all kinds of premium applications which usually have a price on App Store or the Play Store for a free. The user does not need to pay a single dime to download all kinds of applications. The Appvn v8.0.8 is currently the best in the market as it keeps on getting updated with new applications. It is very easy to download Appvn v8.0.8 app market with minimal instructions for any of the leading platforms.

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Appvn v8.0.7

AppvnAppvn v8.0.7 is a third party application market which allows the user to browse and download any application for free. As we all know how almost everything is for a price on the App Store and iTunes for the iOS users and even the Android users have faced this problem when they want to download an application or a game and as soon as they open it on the App market there is a hefty price for that particular application and so the users try to find an alternate way to download that application, this is where Appvn v8.0.7 comes in, as it provides you will all the same applications, movies, e- books, audio files and what not. The best thing is all this is for free to download. The Appvn v8.0.7 even provides the user with modded apks of games and applications such as Snapchat, Spotify, Tinder, PokeGo and all other tweaked applications for free.

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Appvn v8.0.5

AppvnOne of the most trending application markets is the Appvn v8.0.5 app market.It is a third party application which provides free applications and games. It is available to download on all the leading operating systems such as the Android, iOS and Windows operating systems. It is very easy to download Appvn v8.0.5 but you may need to root your Android device in order to run this app market. As for the Apple users it is not necessary to jailbreak your device because the Appvn v8.0.5 does run on the iOS flawlessly. This is one of those platforms on which almost all kinds of applications are available, this app market has all the premium apps, all kinds of tweaked and modded versions of the original applications and all of this for free. The Appvn v8.0.5 is a successor of its previous version the Appvn v7.3a.

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Appvn v6.7a

AppvnAppvn is a third party application which allows the user to download all the applications for free. Appvn is one of the most trending app stores in today’s date and this is available for the iOS, Android and Windows users and runs perfectly on all three operating servers flawlessly. One of the best features of this Appvn is that it shows you all the latest and trending applications, games, movies and all kinds of things that have just hit the market or are at the top rankings. You can download all the premium or paid apps from the Appvn for free instead of spending money on the apps, the Appvn is very convenient and easy to use as it is very user friendly and almost all the applications are available on it.

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Download Aptoide APK for Android

Aptoide APK

Have you been looking to download Aptoide app store for your android devices? If you are then this article is going to help you in that. After receiving many queries from our readers who were facing issues in downloading Aptoide for their Android devices I decided to come up with this article. There are some android users who are not even able to find Aptoide on Google Playstore so for them this tutorial is going to help them downloading Aptoide.

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Download TweakBox APK For Android Devices

TweakBox is a third-party app installer for iOS devices which let iOS users download Cydia and other amazing third-party apps for free and that too without Jailbreaking their devices. All apps downloaded through Tweakbox are completely secure and safe.


As mentioned above that TweakBox is app installer for iOS devices, but it can also work on Android devices by downloading the APK file if it. After that Android user can also download iOS App store or Cydia apps on their Android devices. So to help you guys with it I am sharing a guide to Download Tweakbox APK for Android devices.

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How to Uninstall Appvn?

Appvn is a third party app store for android and iOS devices. It is a great alternative to Google play store or apple app store because Appvn provides apps for free, even the paid ones. It also has a big collection of hacked apps and games such as tweaked Snapchat, Instagram and hacked Asphalt 8 where you have unlimited game credits and every car unlocked. You can download Appvn for both android and iOS for free and it works great without the need of a jail broken iOS device or a rooted android device.

Uninstall Appvn

If you have already downloaded all the apps and games that you wanted from this app store and want to get rid of Appvn then follow the below given process step by step to uninstall it from your smart phone efficiently.

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