Top 5 Apps to Help You with Your Homework

homework apps
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Homework is very long and tiring and most of don’t want to do it but we have no choice and have to complete it if we don’t want our grades to suffer. Searching for solutions online can take a long time and it isn’t productive at all. There are lots of apps that are being available every day that help you get through your homework and some even do it for you. So without any further ado let’s look at the top 5 apps to help you with your homework.


This app doesn’t help you with your homework but do it for you by giving you all the answers that you need right at your phone screen. Socratic allows you to type in your question or just take a picture of it and it will scan through its database to give you an exact and detailed answer. Socratic explains answers thoroughly and give you step by step process of solving them. Continue reading

Top 5 Karaoke Apps

Top 5 Karaoke Apps
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Everyone is a great singer in the bathroom but the situation changes when we step outside, the main reason that we can sing so well in the bathroom is that it provides eco to our voice and a studio like an effect. There are many apps that help you recreate those conditions in your phone by providing background sound and showing you lyrics as you sing along. So without further ado let’s look at the top 5 karaoke apps.

Karaoke Sing and Record

Karaoke sing and record is the most popular karaoke app on play store with more than 50 million downloads. With karaoke sing and record you can record a song review and add effects like echo and reverb. It displays lyrics as you sing along. Continue reading

Top 5 Medical Apps

Medical Apps
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Information accessibility has is so far-reaching that anybody can solve almost any problem nowadays with just a swipe of a finger, the internet can provide the solution to most problems but some remain so unorganised the we are unable to get full benefit of it and one of them is medical problems.  Today we have put together a list for top 5 medical apps that will provide you with assistance when in need and several other benefits.


This is one of the best medical apps by far, providing you assistance with medical doses and list of medication that you need to be taking regularly. Carezone helps you manage your schedules and appointment with a doctor and a journal in which you can note down any important instruction given by your doctor. Continue reading

Top 5 Fashion Apps

Fashion Apps
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Online shopping has hit the fashion world like a truck, nowadays people have the freedom to buy anything from the comfort of their homes. People are buying stuff more and more every day with e-commerce websites offering a range of clothing but the fashion sense in these clothing lines is minimal to none so we have created a list of best fashion apps that will help you buy genuine fashion clothes. So here are top 5 fashion apps.


This app has the similar interface and functioning like tinder, you have to swipe right if you like a shoe or left if you don’t. It will alert you when your selected shoes are on sale so that you don’t miss out on great deals. Stylect has around 350000 products that will satisfy all your footwear needs. Continue reading

Top 5 SMS Bomber Apps

Top 5 SMS Bomber Apps
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We all love to prank our friends from time to time and there are lots of ways of doing so but they all require some form of effort. There are lots of apps that will help you prank your friend without putting any effort like SMS bomber app that repeats one SMS numerous time and sends it to your friend as a form of the joke. So here are top 5 SMS bomber apps.

SMS Blast

This is a free app available for Android users; you can use it to send plenty of messages to anyone. Sms blast has three modes namely SMS blast, text blast, and SMS mine. You can use any of these three modes to send messages and it allows you to set the frequency of the messages. Continue reading

Top 5 Apps to Kill Time

Apps to Kill Time
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Whenever we are stuck in traffic or have to wait for an appointment or anything that make us wait then we are stuck with free time in which we can’t-do anything productive so we don’t have any choice but to kill time by staring at our mobile phones. So here is a list of top 5 apps to kill time.

Word with Friends

So first on our list is a great application to kill your time and do something productive and that is to sharpen your vocabulary by playing a game to form a word with scramble like formation. It puts you against your friend or some random strangers. Continue reading

5 Apps Every Student Must Have

Student apps

Students have a busy life and there are lots of things that a student must do in order to sustain their life. There are lots of apps that may make a student more efficient and help them in their studies. So we have made a list of must-have apps that will help you in becoming the best version of yourself. Here are 5 apps every student must have. helps you create a to-do list of the things that a student has to do in a day. This app synchronizes your daily to-do list with all the other devices that you have so that you can access the list anywhere. You set the priority of the task and mark them done when completed. Continue reading

5 Worthless Apps on Play Store You Should Avoid

worthless apps

App store is filled with lots of useful apps that can make your life easier but there are lots of useless application too that will just waste your time and do nothing else; you should avoid these apps at all costs if you value your time. So without wasting any more of your time let’s look at the 5 worthless apps that you should avoid.

Fast Battery Charger

Apps like fast battery charger that promises to charge your battery than it usually does are just bunch of fake apps that do nothing but clog your phone’s memory. These kinds of apps do the opposite of what they say and that saves battery power or charges it faster. Continue reading

Top 5 Vault Apps for Android


In this all connected information age everything happens online and everybody is connected to everything around him or her. We use smartphones, computers, tablets, and laptops to do transitions of money to filling important forms and much more things so the device we use holds lots of important information that could be stolen. So your device would have to be completely secure that you can blindly trust on. So now let’s look at the top 5 vault apps for android.


With minimal interface vaulty is one of the most reliable apps for the android. If somebody tries to access vaulty in absence of your presence it takes a picture of the culprit. You can also upload the pictures to its online vault in case you documents get deleted. Continue reading

Top 5 Virtual Mobile Number Apps

Virtual Mobile Number Apps

If you need more than one number to get your business it becomes a pain especially if you need the second number for a limited period of time and afterward, you need to discard that number. If you’re dating someone or you’re selling something on craigslist you’ll need a temporary no to disconnect with afterward, but getting another no is a long and hectic process and you just can’t throw that number afterward. So you can just use an app instead to generate a temporary number that you can discard afterward. Here is a list of top 5 virtual number generating apps.


Burner is a common and a known word around America and Canada, it is a device that you can buy at any shop to temporarily conduct your business and throw it afterward. The application does the same thing by purchasing a plan for making calls rather than buying an actual phone. Continue reading