5 Apps for Art Lovers

art apps
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Art has many forms and every piece of art is different for each individual. It depends upon the person who is looking at the art what kind of emotion does it generate for him. There is an art form for everyone you just have to find yours. We have created a list just for you so that you can find the art that stirs something in you. Here are 5 apps for art lovers.


Behance is a community of art lovers and creators; here you can find thousands of new and upcoming artists with their creative arts. This community is growing by the day with top artists appreciating and putting their work of display here. Continue reading

5 Best Apps to Make Memes

meme apps
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Social media is getting boring day by day, the only thing that is interesting and that is why most people still use social media like Facebook is memes. Memes are sarcastic jokes that brighten up our days. Most of us are just consumers of memes and wish that we too can share our ideas and jokes through memes. There are apps being available in market at the movement that can help you create memes in few simple steps. Here are 5 best apps to make memes.


Instameme generator has the cleanest and well-developed interface. It allows users to edit their meme and view as they are making the meme so that they can make changes. It sports over 5000 templates and you can also use your own photos to generate a meme. Continue reading

5 Apps to Help You Focus

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There are lots of distractions nowadays with technology evolving at a rapid pace; distractions like our phones, computers, and TVs pose a big problem if we are trying to be productive. With our smartphones being the biggest one of them but it can also help you stay focused and productive. Play store has an impressive list of apps that can help you calm down and stay focused in this world full of distractions. Here are 5 apps to help you focus.


This application helps you block out distractions for a set period of time by blocking certain websites. You can set self-control to whitelist certain websites and set a time a certain period of time on the app and then you will be restricted to access only certain websites. Continue reading

5 Apps to Fight Depression

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Life is not all happy and fun it sometimes becomes dark and hopeless and at that time we don’t have any motivation to move ahead. This time of life can be pretty scary for most people and it needs to be taken seriously, the only way to fight this movement in your life is through motivation. Whatever your problem you can power through it with motivation so we have created a list to help you fight through your depression. Here are 5 apps to fight depression.

Depression CBT Self-Help Guide

Cognitive behavioral therapy is a technique to help to get out of the depression by taking and self-identifying the problem, it is a great app that provides you tools to measure your depression levels and gives you a thread to discuss your thoughts on. Continue reading

Top 5 Dangerous Apps for Kids

Dangerous Apps
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As the technology evolves day by day, our kids are getting their hands on technology and this calls for some concerns for their parents because of the fact that technology can have a bad impact on a child’s upbringing. There are lots of apps that can potentially be harmful to a child mental or psychological state. We have created a list of apps that should be out of reach of children’s hands so here are top 5 dangerous apps for kids.


It comes on the top of the list because of its ability of lure your children in dangerous situations. Whisper allows its users to post messages anonymously and talk to strangers without revealing their identity; it could be problematic if your child gets a hand on it. Kids have a tendency to talk with strangers. Continue reading

Top 5 Apps to Learn Self Defence

Self Defence
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Nowadays nobody is safe with crime rates increasing and population boom has made living with insecurity an ordinary thing. You can never know who is going to bash you so you’ll have to be prepared for these kinds of situations because these can make a difference of life and death. So here are our picks for top 5 apps to learn self-defense.

Live to Tell About It

This is one of the best self defense app available for IOS user, it teaches self defense techniques taught by 5th Degree Black Belt Noel Gyro and 7 Time World Karate Champion Johnny Gyro. This app is designed to teach you moves to successfully escape an attack on you. Continue reading

Top 5 Apps to Learn Sign Language

Sign Language apps
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For people who are deaf or the usual way of communication does not work so they and we have to use sign language to communicate with each other. Learning sign language is obviously useful for people with speaking or hearing disability but for common people, it is a great skill to have to communicate with these people. So without any further ado let’s look at top 5 apps to learn sign languages.

ASL Coach

This is the app for you if you’re just starting out, so it teaches how to fingerspell numbers from one to nine and basic characters. ASL coach also shows you how to spell fingerspell a word at your request. Continue reading

Top 5 Apps to Help You with Your Homework

homework apps
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Homework is very long and tiring and most of don’t want to do it but we have no choice and have to complete it if we don’t want our grades to suffer. Searching for solutions online can take a long time and it isn’t productive at all. There are lots of apps that are being available every day that help you get through your homework and some even do it for you. So without any further ado let’s look at the top 5 apps to help you with your homework.


This app doesn’t help you with your homework but do it for you by giving you all the answers that you need right at your phone screen. Socratic allows you to type in your question or just take a picture of it and it will scan through its database to give you an exact and detailed answer. Socratic explains answers thoroughly and give you step by step process of solving them. Continue reading

Top 5 Karaoke Apps

Top 5 Karaoke Apps
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Everyone is a great singer in the bathroom but the situation changes when we step outside, the main reason that we can sing so well in the bathroom is that it provides eco to our voice and a studio like an effect. There are many apps that help you recreate those conditions in your phone by providing background sound and showing you lyrics as you sing along. So without further ado let’s look at the top 5 karaoke apps.

Karaoke Sing and Record

Karaoke sing and record is the most popular karaoke app on play store with more than 50 million downloads. With karaoke sing and record you can record a song review and add effects like echo and reverb. It displays lyrics as you sing along. Continue reading

Top 5 Medical Apps

Medical Apps
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Information accessibility has is so far-reaching that anybody can solve almost any problem nowadays with just a swipe of a finger, the internet can provide the solution to most problems but some remain so unorganised the we are unable to get full benefit of it and one of them is medical problems.  Today we have put together a list for top 5 medical apps that will provide you with assistance when in need and several other benefits.


This is one of the best medical apps by far, providing you assistance with medical doses and list of medication that you need to be taking regularly. Carezone helps you manage your schedules and appointment with a doctor and a journal in which you can note down any important instruction given by your doctor. Continue reading